Endangered Species Chocolate Company
Salmon Bar

For 10,000 years, Pacific Salmon have returned to their birth streams in the forests of the Pacific Northwest. They filled the streams with their abundance, providing sustenance to the native peoples, wildlife, and stream ecosystems. Since the mid 1800’s, however, the cutting of forests and damming of rivers have caused the number of returning salmon to decline with each passing year. Logging, hydropower, navigation, farming, irrigation, grazine, urbanization, flood control, mining, salmon hatcheries, and overfishing have all taken their toll. The population of the Pacific Salmon, with wild fish at less than 5% of their original numbers, continues to decline. Over 100 salmon populations are now extinct, and over 300 others are at extreme risk of extinction in Oregon, Washington, California, and Idaho.


Endangered Species Chocolate Company is at www.chocolatebar.com
The company is located in Talent along the southern Oregon coast. 541 535 2170

Chocolate is handmade in their own workshops with the best ingredients, sourced in nature. They use unbleached water-filtered beet sugar.