Letter to express your concern for protecting Sta'yokale
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To: John Bradford, District Ranger, Monterey Ranger District, Los Padres National Forest

Regarding: Proposed Action - "Junipero Serra Peak Radio Repeater" (Analyses Being Scoped)

Ref: Quarterly Schedule of Proposed Actions (SOPA), Los Padres, April - June 2003

Dear Mr. Bradford,

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This is to express my concern about the proposed installation of a radio repeater on Junipero Serra Peak. This mountain, located in Wilderness Area and known to the Salinan People as "Sta'yokale," is an invaluable community resource that should be preserved in its natural state. The Salinan People hold it in highest esteem as the 'center of the world' and regard it as their most sacred site. Its place in historical times, as well, is very significant and well documented. Any type of activity, such as in this proposal, would have a serious negative impact on its historical, environmental and cultural integrity for all people.

I wish to be placed on the list of interested parties and be informed of the progress of this proposal. This would include being sent any and all documentation that is available to the public during the review process, as well as being notified as to its ongoing status.

Thank you.



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