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After working in California watersheds, organizing support constituencies and campaigning for government agencies and businesses to help with preservation and habitat rehabilitation, we have learned that:

• Habitat restoration can be very lucrative for communities – financially and spiritually.

• Neighborhood, community and watershed restoration is a huge movement in California with thousands of individuals and groups participating

• There is a great need for habitat restoration resource management

• We need state, regional, watershed and community based models for environmentally sustainable economic development

• conservation is good business which should be served well by investment capital

• Public-private conservation business partnerships could benefit everyone.

These pictures are part of a slide show of the model-in-the-making, Renew California. Our hope is to tell why and how this model could work. It is just a beginning. We hope you will comment and help us improve it. And we hope you will invite us to your group, school or meeting to present the idea.

The intent is to engage polity makers, community leaders and venture capital in discussion of community-based habitat restoration.

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