First People of the Pajaro

A multimedia interactive compact disk telling the story of the indigenous people of the Pajaro Valley.

First People of the Pajaro shows how humans coexisted well with nature in one of California's loveliest river coastal valleys

By Lois Robin

in collaboration with the Pajaro Valley Ohlone Indian Council and with support from the Santa Cruz Archaeological Society.

First People of the Pajaro covers their history in San Jose and the Santa Clara Valley, Santa Cruz and Monterey Counties the great river systems, and Monterey Bay. The story describes their earliest way of life, their experience with the Mission system, and the loss and eventual recovery of their culture.

Splendidly produced, this beautiful CD is excellent for students in the middle grades up through all levels, and adults.

Today many of us are becoming students of the Ohlone way of life. In First People of the Pajaro, Ohlone descendant, Patrick Orozco shows how his ancestors traditionally used local plant material.
First People of the Pajaro is the dramatic story of a robust people who enjoyed a peaceful, bountiful life on the Central Coast for thousands of years. Then virtually overnight, it all changed.

First People of the Pajaro tells how the natives at first welcomed the Europeans and were eventually seduced into their church. They were victims of diseases that decimated their population. Subjugated to the rule of a foreign church and a military with guns, the Ohlone people quickly entered a decline, and cultural impositions that debilitated their spirits. This CD tells the story of cruelty and change forced on the Pajaro people, and how they are recovering their culture, and its usefulness in these modern times.

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This CD provides music, colorful visuals, written and spoken text to tell the story of the Pajaro People. It is recommended for adults, and for students of 7th grade and above. Younger students will need adult support to understand some of the concepts. Viewers proceed at their own pace with an average viewing time of twenty minutes. Material in this CD may be reproduced for educational purposes.

First People of the Pajaro has been used in classrooms, exhibits and libraries and purchased by the Santa Cruz County Library system for all its libraries. It offers artful document of a California Central Coast tribal people Concluding frames of the CD provide pictured attributions of all source material.

Sales from this CD project provide major benefit to the Pajaro Valley Ohlone Indian Council.

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