Klamath River Trip and Film FestivalOctober 7, 8 & 9
Come back in time to see the incredible future of a beautiful people and their wondrous watershed.

Raft with Karuk, Hupa and Yurok on the Klamath.
Learn how the river and the environment were cared for before the tumultuous Gold Rush. See how Native American people lived in complete harmony with nature, how they developed a culture and a profound spirituality based on keeping the world in balance.

Center of the Universe Katimin and the confluence
of Salmon and Klamath Rivers
Photo by Jack Ellwanger
River Trip, Film Festival, Indian Salmon Dinner, Organic Wine Reception, Two nights lodging ~ $255
You can join us for one, two or three days of this unique experience – or, any part of the schedule.

Friday, October 7, we will gather in Northern California’s ancient Karuk village, Panamnik (now Orleans) on the Klamath River. After the Klamath Restoration Council meeting you will enjoy a fireside feast of local organic and native foods, and organic locally produced wine.

Saturday, you will learn how ancient people used fire to keep the forest healthy for all the native plants and critters, and why that matters to the fish. In the evening you will feast on fresh wild salmon roasted Indian style over a madrone fire and participate in the first Klamath Film Festival.

Your options for accommodations include camping and riverside cabins.

On Saturday, October 8, we will float down the river and explore this awesome country. The learning gets even better as we go. You will learn firsthand from the Klamath’s native people, why the fish are revered and are such an important part of the native culture. Dennis Martinez leads an exciting workshop about ancestral watershed management and forest ecology.

Saturday night you will be treated to the first Klamath Film Festival. Four great documentary and story films about the epic water, fish and human dramas will be presented. Sunday is optional for workshop, and a cultural river trip.


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Klamath Film Festival Features:

XUN – Our River by Jack Kohler
On the Backs of Buffalo
Salmon Stroich
Center of the Universe by
Andy Chambers
A Trail of Water by
Emelia Berol

Your palate will be treated royally by local culinary talent with organic cuisine that is making this region famous.

This special experience costs $295 per person for two nights’ accommodations, based on four people per cabin – but if you are a contributing PelicanNetwork member the cost is only $255. Your options for accommodations include camping and riverside cabins.

• One night’s lodging and river trip, dinner, & film festival $215 ($245 non members)

• Two nights’ lodging, reception, and river trip, dinner, and film festival $255 ($285 non members)

• Three nights’ lodging, reception, two river trips, dinner,& film festival, eco cultural trip $355 ($385 non members – if you choose to camp, deduct $40 each night)

Camping at Ti Bar or Dillon Creek is an option. Total cost would be $175 with camping.

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KRC meeting – October 7 (no cost)

Friday evening beach fire reception – local organic wines and culinary delicacies ($15 per person -Pelican member – $20 non members)

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River Trip Saturday Includes Wild Salmon Dinner ($80 per person – $70 per person for couple – $60 per person for families of 3 or more – non PelicanNetwork members, add $11.50 per person)

Wild Salmon Roast Indian Style – Saturday evening on the beach ($20 per person Pelican members – others $25)

Cabin Saturday night (Pelican members: $20 per person based on 6 people per cabin – $24 p/p 5 p/cabin – $30 p/p 4 p/cabin – $35 p/p 3 p/cabin – $50 p/p 2 p/cabin – $90 p/p 1 p/cabin – non-members add $5 per person per night – discount available if you bring your own linens and towel)

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This is a cultural and ecological restoration effort.

One hundred and fifty years ago this great river was invaded by thousands of non Native people in search of gold. The newcomers badly disrupted the land and removed the Native people.

Then, the fish and the forests were assaulted by commercial interests and the government.

Through it all, the Native People, the Karuk, Hupa and the Yurok, struggled to keep their culture alive with the belief that someday they would be called on to return and be responsible again for the land.

Our trip will float to the “Center of the World,” the middle of the Klamath watershed where Karuk believe humanity was created to maintain balance in the world.

Karuk established a spirituality around their cultural principles to keep the world in balance. For thousands of years they established the practice of conserving resources which is at the center of their spirituality. You will be treated to their rich history, and learn how that history is the promise for the future.

On this trip you will learn the Karuk creation stories and how the Native people here today are working to restore the natural well-being of the Klamath watershed.


Klamath Restoration Council

Our mission is to restore and protect the uniquely diverse ecosystem and natural resources of the entire Klamath River watershed.

We believe this will be accomplished with actions and legislation that integrate sound and proven techniques based on Tribal knowledge, local experience and the best of Western science.

To carry forward this mission, the Klamath Restoration Council will:

Create an effective force for restoration by uniting all people, in a consensual forum, who share an interest in the sustainable use of the resources in the entire Klamath River basin and bioregion,

Develop, promote, and aid in implementing initiatives designed to restore this ecologically diverse basin to a balanced ecosystem.

Foster a greater understanding of the spiritual, cultural, traditional, economic and recreational importance of the natural resources in the basin.

Create public support for actions in the regulatory, legislative and legal arenas to restore and protect the Basin.

Persuade public agencies to return tribal stewardship of ancestral territories and sacred sites, currently being managed by those agencies.

Klamath Restoration Council

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Klamath Restoration Council

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