Carmel Pub Society
     The purpose of this page is to generate discussion 
about the art of dining  at a pub.  
     Carmel is blessed with many outstanding pubs.  
A pub is a nice place.  It may be defined as a place 
of libation which incidentally serves food.  Like
an English bar that sells kidney pie and bangars.  
     But in Carmel-by-the-Sea, these establishments 
are cozy eating houses, with low key, knowledgeable 
and convivial innkeepers, glowing crackling fireplaces, 
low tuned and substantive conversation, all comfortably 
cloaked in an informal atmosphere that incidentally can 
put a great glass of wine across the plank at you.

     We'll begin the discussion with an interesting
culinary surprise, but a shocking disappointment 
in its wine selections.  The Pub at La Playa is a wonderfully
appointed room, its historical photos, a Carmel 
hallmark, is a distinctive room.  Particularly when 
considering its stunning setting, the Pub at La Playa is  
fine place.  You wouldn't expect to find a tamale on
the menu, but maybe if its a lobster tamale.  It is, we 
are pleased to report, a gastronomical joy.  All the other 
things on La Playa's pub menu, naturally we include the 
memorable crab cakes, are commendable.  The wine 
list, however, is another matter.  
     And to made it stupidly snobby and insulting, there
are no Monterey County wines served by the glass.
This is pretty shocking.  Considering the quality, and 
the fact that most of the best Napa wineries now grow
and make wine in Monterey County.  And, it's easier to
get a glass of Monterey County at any of the better 
restaurants than it is at Hotel La Playa.  But, if you can
get past that, the lobster tamale is great.  Only $7.
        Ok, that's a start.  Let's hear your comments.  Tell
the rest of us about your Carmel Pub discoveries.   Email:
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