Eric, the first fotos are in San Antonio Valley . Stony Creek by the proposed bombing range, and the reservoir that looks like a bog. The wildflowers are lupines in front of the oaks with Mt. Serra in the background, and the front of the Mission San Antonio de Padua. The wide foto below is of the valley very near where the range would be - the oak Savannah in a cradle of the Santa Lucias. Next is Nacimiento-Fergusson Road through the oaks - Serra Peak background. Serra Peak was known as Pimkoman to the Salinans. This was the heart of their homeland, that's why the mission was built here, and the mountain was the symbol of the creation of humans.

The shot of the young man on the bike, pulling a cart with his dog, is typical of the area where the bombing range is intended. That is Serra Peak behind - Rincon is the young man's name. Taken on Nacimiento Road. The next three are in the northern part of the valley where there were several Salinan Indian villages.

The next fotos are of Heart's Hacienda - it was his hunting lodge. His guests included Spencer Tracy, Jean Harlow, Cary Grant. It is the site of the old Milpitas Ranch - where Gertrude Atherton did her first writing: Those Splendid Idle '40s. The Hacienda was designed by Julia Morgan. It's now on the base, and operates as an Inn.


Then, Mission San Antonio de Padua. built by Junipero Serra in 1771 - the second California mission - and the most faithfully restored. It was also the most industrious.



These are from the Salinan Painted Cave in the northeast corner of the valley. Pictographs (left) , pictographs vandalized in the middle, and the view out the cave entrance to the Big Sur country. Salinans lived in this region for 10,000 years.

The Big Sur country that F-16s and F-18s would fly over enroute to theri bombing targets. The first is from Nacimiento Road, the second (photo by Karen Cotter) is of San Simeon beach with a huge colony of elephant seals, next is Piedras Blancas coves where humans go to see the seals.

This is San Carpofor Creek where Portola turned inland and headed into San Antonio Valley. This would be part of the flyover from the air craft carriers. Then, coastal shots of the southern reaches of Big Sur country.