A Letter by Friends of the RanchLand

Dear Honorable Representatives, Senators, Ladies and Gentlemen:

Friends of the RanchLand, an organization of over 800 supporters mostly on the North Coast of San Luis Obispo County, learned only today of an incredible plan by the Navy to begin bombing practice on the Hunter-Liggett Military Reservation. What kind of insanity is at work here?

Our organization is 100% opposed to any increase in military activity at Hunter-Liggett, so close to the Ventana Wilderness, the Santa Lucia Mountains, and the valleys of Lakes Nacimiento and San Antonio. We are appalled that Navy officials would have the effrontery to propose such a ridiculous project.

You most certainly are aware of the efforts to bring the California Condor back from the edge of extinction. Many birds have been released in this area and certainly must be protected from bombing and screaming jets in their -- the condors' -- air space. Similar efforts have been successful in bringing the American Bald Eagle back after the DDT problems of the last century and so much loss of habitat. There are other threatened and endangered species which live in this region and must be protected.

The Ventana Wilderness Area must be spared the activities of these impudent jet jockeys. They routinely destroy the silence and tranquility of the three National Parks in the Sierra -- Yosemite, Kings Canyon, and Sequoia. They must not be allowed to invade more of our wilderness.

Please consider this an urgent appeal from 800 voters(!) to discontinue any planning for this ill-conceived project. Can you imagine how the Hearst family would feel now about their gift of Hunter-Liggett land as part of the war effort back in the Forties? Such an abuse of our land should not be tolerated.

Lastly, I would like to protest the "stealth" manner in which the U.S. Navy announced its intentions. There certainly was no honest effort to inform more than the absolute minimum individuals and organizations.

That is absolutely shameless.

Thank you for you assistance in stopping the madness of "bombing" Central California. Please see that this e-mail message is included in any public comment relating to this project.


Doug Buckmaster, President
Friends of the RanchLand

Cambria, CA

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