Report Questionable Military Flights Over Big Sur

At this time, there is no accounting of military flights over Big Sur

The Coalition to stop the Navy's proposed Big Sur Target Bombing Range set up this page for reporting flights that appear inconsistent with what is allowed in this region. Many people have complained persistently about these questionable flights.

Flights that are too low, and too loud, and over areas that are off limits for "top gun" practice have been occurring with great frequency around the Big Sur region. Unfortunately, the process of reporting these disturbing flights has not been responsive.


Points for your consideration:

1. The Navy has been flying over the Big Sur regularly--flights were continuous between approximately March 26 through mid April. These flights are not consistent with the governing National Environmental Planning Agency document for the use of the Fort Hunter Liggett Military Operations Area (MOA) which is the Base Closure and Realignment Environmental Assessment (BRAC EA) approved in September of 2000.

all in a request to suspend activity in the Fort Hunter Liggett MOA pending the EIS to:
2. The Strike Fighter Wing in Lemoore appears to be under the impression that there are no restrictions on their use of the air space over the Fort.

This is not the case. They are limited to "baseline" use conditions referenced in the EA. According to the Navy's personnel at the King City meeting, the baseline use is around 300 flights per year.

I observed a questionable military flight.



Comments about the flight, noise, description of plane, behavior, whatever you feel is of value for our reporting:

I think military jet fighter training missions should be suspended in the Fort Hunter Liggett and Big Sur area pending the Environmental Impact Study.

Please Contact Lt. Commander Hook, Base Operations Supervisor at Lemoore.
(you can call him at 1-559-998-1040)

Please Contact Captain May to suspend operations of Navy strike fighter jet flights pending the EIS review.

Please Contact Commander Ackmans at Fort Hunter Ligget to advise him that the training missions should be suspended pending the EIS.

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3. No part of the military is monitoring this restriction nor compliance with the closure and realignment document findings and adopted recommendations and actions. Base range control did not even know what Branch of the military was entering their air space when I contacted ranged control during the week of April 16 t0 18.

4. The present overflights should stop until the EIS is prepared and the status of the base Military Operations Area (MOA) is clarified legally under NEPA. Substantial increases in Navy use of the MOA has occurred since the proposal to install the bombing range in Stony Valley.

These uses should be curtailed until an accounting system of presently permitted flights is in place.

Send requests to suspend operations pending the EIS review to the base commander at Lemoore.

Steve Craig,
Big Sur Sanctuary Coalition

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