Letters in support of the Navy plan to have jet fighter bomber training in San Antonio Valley.

Our military forces need to conduct constant training exercises in order to carry out their primary mission: to protect American interests around the world by maintaining our ability to "kill people and break things" (as necessary).

If you oppose that mission, then (and only then) is it logical, or reasonable to oppose the Navy exercises. I strongly support maintaining our defensive strength at the highest level possible, even at the cost of some inconvenience to me. (OR YOU!!)
Paul Solbakken
Moraga, CA

You shouuld go ahead with your plans to use the land for naval practice.
Kevin Chaney

I think, if you were worried about the ecology of the area, and wanted to preserve it, you should have done something about it when this fort was de-comissioned! What realistic alternatives do you have for the military?

The proposed bombing range is a military base!!!!

My name: Ray Brown
My address: Not Necessary!!!


The jets are fascunating. And there is a need for them to practice. Native Hawaiian activists have pushed the Navy off training grounds in Hawaii. Puerto Rican activists are pushing the Navy off training grounds in Puerto Rico.

Overreaction and selfishness are once again throwing up obstacles here.

Consider the effect of activist actions over the last 20 to 30 years as they concern electrical power generation in the western US. Were those activists charging forth with the same smugness as the activists in this case? Were they so wise after all?
John McFarland

At the risk of being an even more unpopular individual, i think what you are describing (jets, practice bombing) sounds cool. i would visit Big Sur and pay just to see/hear/feel the jets go over. Perhaps you will find a wealthy yet guilt ridden liberal amongst your supporters who will offer his backyard (void of biodiversity due to pesticide use) as an alternative to the proposed San Antonio Valley site.
Amanda Doyle
Cameron Park, CA

Your group is horrible for spreading this kind of misinformation about the Navy. At a time when the good men and women of the armed services are working to secure our liberty and safety overseas, you persist with your "not in my back yard" mentality. The environmental impact of a Navy bombing range will not be nearly as great as you imply on your website. Less than 10 acres will be used to drop inert bombs.

The Navy then picks up and recycles the bombs. Please stop harrassing the military as they train to protect our country. They have been good stewards of the land and our endangered species (much better than any land developer our home builder). They will continue in this tradition, but at the same time they can use the land to train our young men and women so they will be ready to face our enemies.
Dustin Byrum
Lemoore, CA

It would be a good idea to bomb a few enviornmentalist, just to make all things equal. After all the last time those folks saved civilization was ????????? I thought you needed some other opinion, so far it seems pretty one sided. Since time and again, the green side of society has proven itself ignorant, uninformed and devoted to the Nazi/communist social idea, why do they have such a big voice? All this time and energy would be better spent reading the constitution and getting a clue about history and reality.

The future and well being of our nation is at risk, the UN is a bigger threat to our nation than the Navy and some jets.
Chuck Frazier
Colorado Springs, Colorado

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