News from King City 'open house'

Navy moves on with Bombing assault plan

Hundreds of citizens register their opposition

The U.S. Navy conducted a briefing for press and public officials, Saturday, Feb. 24, at Fort Hunter Liggett about their plans for practice jet fighter bombing. Later it conducted an 'open house' for citizens.
At the press briefing the Navy admonished the press to present the bombing range information accurately. But, it did not report any new information that caused any of the newspapers or television news crews to change what had already been reported.
More than 400 citizens came to the Navy "open house" to voice their concern. It was held in an elementary school gym in King City. The Navy expected to educate them about the bombing range proposal. It hired a public relations company from San Francisco to conduct the event. They videographed people voicing concerns, and showed a video of what the sky looked like from the cockpit of a fighter jet. But, virtually everyone there was opposed to the proposal, and were not dissuaded by the public relations event.
In truth, the information prompted greater fear for what might be expected from the bombing range proposal.
Now, it appears the Navy will buzz the area 50,000 times, and drop 36,000 bombs a year. It is not a practice anymore. It is a major assault.
The Navy's Bombing Range map. On the coast, the area in the outline extends from Piedras Blancas in the south, to Big Creek in the north. The inner green stripe is the bombing drop area, which is directly east of Lucia, Limekiln, Mill Creek, Plaskett Valley, Sand Dollar Beach, Willow Creek. The flight path is over the Coast Ridge from the aircraft carriers. From Fresno, the planes will come into the bombing range zone at 18,000 to 22,000 ft. altitude and descend at a 45 degree dive into the bombing target area to altitudes of 300 ft to 1200 ft. They will circle up to 10 times at each end of the bombing target strip in a 9-12 mile radius. So, they will be intensely impacting the entire area shown by the lines around the green stripe - and buzzing throughout the larger area.

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People entered comment about the Navy plan at the open house.

The bombing range as it looked that rainy morning.

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