What do these jets sound like?

Lest any of us think we are not doing the right thing by preventing the bombing runs, read this description of a run by two MiG jets, equivalent to, perhaps with a little less throttle, than an F-18. This, 33,000 times per year:

"Three puffs of white smoke appeared at the edge of the plain to our south, and another on a ridge beyond a cluster of houses on the outskirts of the village. Then, as we heard the sound of approaching jets, we understood. The helicopter had dropped smoke beacons for the pilots, whose aircraft flashed into the sky from nowhere, the engines so loud they shook the ground. The noise was indescribable. I tried to photograph them as they attacked. My fingers trembled at the controls of my camera as I tried to follow their shapes, certain that the pilots had seen me.

Two MiG fighter-bombers screamed over us, dived, swooped and leaped vertically upwards above the ridges, scattering clusters of magnesium flares that trailed from their bellies like comets. They banked and swooped again, glinting, deadly, silver, in long, roaring dives out of the west, pulled up suddenly in tandem, and then dived again, beyond the village....Then they were gone and all that was left was the ringing in our ears and two widening stains of brown earth against the sky hundreds of feet high."

From "An Unexpected Light: Travels in Afghanistan" by Jason Eliot (c) Picador Press, 1999:

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