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Longing for Lucia - Paul Sivley


Six a.m.
Stillness in suburbia
Stars bright

Eyes begin to focus
Raggedy old dog tail upright
Sitka and I, out for her little trot, twice to squat

Upward gaze
Mind transports
Longing for Lucia

Away to that sustaining place
Far from this rat race
Looking for some quotient of grace

South of Big Sur
High on the hill
Hermitage, haven

Flowing white robes
Incense rich air
Inner solace and strength

Bay Laurel aroma walks in, a smile
Pampas grass reaches up in celebration
Yellow leaves enrich the mandarin sunsets

Living in aging trailer - Logos - of metal and wood
Housing for now my sentimentality and soul

Fox and deer traipse by
Gazing upon those
Escaped from less simple lives

Suspended in my hammock
Azure ocean astounds
Patterns on water pulling pupils from the page

Early evening monastic choral chords
Familiar faces so fond
Vignettes of meditation images pulling me free

South of Big Sur, longing for Lucia

Aged dog turns around on the asphalt
Pulls my leash
Cold steel commuter train draws near


Paul Sivley, a marketing executive on the SF Peninsula, visits the hermitage above Lucia three times a year. In this poem he appears able to be there even more often.

The Hermitage can be visited online at

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