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Ventana Wilderness

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Molera State Park

Hwy One

Nacimiento Road

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Hearst Hacienda



Piedras Blancas

Point Lobos



Carmel Hiking


PelicanNetwork Guide to the California Central Coast
Salad Bowl and Steinbeck Country to Big Sur -Monterey to San Simeon.

An environmental and arts guide to an infinitely interesting region... Pelican takes the conscientious traveler behind the cover and into the natural and cultural history that makes Central Coastal California such a rewarding travel experience. Coming here soon: regional art crafts, community theater, galleries, events for arts and/or environment, regional cuisine and organic foods and flowers. Your comments are requested. PelicanNetwork is a market driven enterprise, and if you care about our environment and artistic endeavors, you are the market. We think art and environment are intrinsically linked. If you belong to a nonprofit, you'll be helping it by participating here. If you don't belong to a group but you care about our environment, you can become an independent member. Info about Pelican Membership or, email us: Membership@pelicannetwork.net
For more information and comment about business, or, if you want to recommend an eco-friendly business for our members,
Contact: Pelican Commerce