Artichoke Gift Packs


Artichoke Gift Packs

Great gifts packs of 6 Jumbo Castroville Green Globe Artichokes grown in our fields in Moss Landing and Castroville by Lazzerini Farms Artichoke World - and any one of some of our favorite sauces.

6 Jumbo Artichokes (Castroville Green Globes, of course), and Choose one of the following sauces:

Cuisine Perels Garlic Sauvingnon Blanc Mayonaise (8 oz.)
Sherri says about this sauce:

"A wonderful marriage of mayonnaise, garlic and wine."

New: Garlic Mayonaise • Roasted Garlic Mayonaise • Wasabi Mayoniase • Creamy Italain Sauce

Ojai Cook Lemonaise (10 oz.)

and Light Ojai Lemonaise

"A spicy citrus mayonnaise to wake up everything from sandwiches, salads, chicken, fish and Castroville Green Globe artichokes too? Also available in Lemonnaise Light, Lemonnaise with Garlic and Herbs, Lemonnaise Light with garlic and herbs."

Pelican Bay Artichoke Dipping Spice (1.5 oz)

"A dry spice mix (wisk included) add to mayonnaise, or melted butter. Makes a great artichoke sauce and can also be used with many other veggies, shrimp or chicken salad."


Price: $17.99
Gift Pack of 6 Jumbo Castroville Green Globe Artichokes and choice of sauce

Shipping and Handling is $19 to $24 to most destinations in the 2 or 3 day UPS air, or, $29.75 to the farthest away areas, or areas hardest to reach.

It depends on the zip code we send to.

To send the Gif Pack to metro areas in Hawaill or Alaska, the total cost (including the gift pack) is $61.95.

To send to remote areas of Hawaii or Alaska, the total cost is $71.95.


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Cuisine Perels Garlic Sauvignon

Private Harvest Dill Mayonaise

Ojai Cook Lemonaise

Wasabi Mayonaise

Creamy Lemon Dill Sauce

Artichoke Dipping Spice Mix

Roasted Garlic Mayonaise

Garlic Mayonaise

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Highway One at Jensen Road
Moss Landing, CA 95039. Confirm my order by email.

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