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How to Eat an Artichoke

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How to Eat an Artichoke

Drain and cool al dente. (can be refrigerated after cooled down) For real flavor, should be eaten cold.


If you are calorie conscious, you can take comfort in the facts about artichokes:

A Medium Artichoke

25 Calories

3 g Protein

6 g Carbohydrate

0 g Fat

75 mg Sodium

185 g Potassium

4 g Dietary Fiber

10% RDA of Vitamin C


Peel off a leaf, dip the bottom, inside (grayish pulpy) into the sauce lightly. Place it practically all the way to the hilt in your open mouth.

Close mouth, with teeth lightly together on the leaf, and pull the leaf out, scraping the soft underside of the leaf off so it stays in your mouth, while the fibery rest of the leaf come out as you pull.

Now move it around in your mouth like a good wine, make full on contact with your taste buds, chew, and swallow, and you're doing it!

Continue around, leaf by leaf, as they get smaller, and you come to the inedible hair like thistles. Take those out, just lift them up and out of the button bottom.


A popular way of eating the choke is still warm, and dipped in butter. It is an exquisite taste.

Can be a good mayonnaise (Best Foods is suggested) - and can add seasoning to mayonnaise. Sherri has many excellent sauces from different kitchens around California. Some are quite creative. A garlic sauvignon, and a dill are two favorites found at Sherri's.

Later, after you are initiated to the fine taste of the choke, you can start creating.

For your first attempts at eating artichokes, use plain mayonnaise, or melted butter.

Eat the bottom. Break off pieces, and dip. Some claim this is the best part.


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