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Artichoke Store Order Form

(shipped only within U.S. - All S and H prices are estimates. But, they are pretty close. All orders over 9 lbs are 40% less if shipped within California. In all cases we will verify the shipping and handling costs before processing your payment.

A 12 lb. box of artichokes ($23.95)

The size of the artichokes are to be:

Baby Small Medium Large Jumbo

An Artichoke Gift Pack ($15.99)

My Selection of Dipping Sauce
Cuisine Perels Garlic Sauvignon
Private Harvest Dill Mayonnaise
Ojai Cook Lemonnaise
Pelican Bay Artichoke Dipping Sauce

Gift of Garlic $49.95

Includes: Oregano Garlic Bread Dipper, Garlic Pasta, Garlic Marinade, XXX Garlic Salsa, Pickled Garlic and 7 bulb Garlic Braid (braid available seasonally). (See photo) S and H is $8.50, $12 or, $16.50 depending on the zip code of the destination
Artichoke parmesan w/roasted garlic soup mix $6.95 (S and H is $4.95)

Artichoke Dishes

Single Serving $11.95 (S & H $4.65)
Quantity: One Two Three
More than 4 (How Many):
Artichoke Platter $18.95 (S & H $5.65)
Artichoke Bowl with lid and spoon $8.95 (S & H $4.65)
Artichoke Salt and Pepper Shaker Set$7.95 (S & H $4.65)
Artichoke Dish Set of Platter and Bowl $26.96 (S & H $5.95)
Artichoke Dish Set for Two with Artichoke Bowl $28.95 (S & H $6.85)

A Touch of Glass - the Melinas Vinegars of Carmel - $10.95

Lemon Thyme
White Zinfandel
S and H is $5.65 for one bottle - or, $6.75 for two - or, $7.75 for three

Private Harvest Bread Dippers - $19.95 each (3 lb bottles)

Spicy Italian
Oregano Garlic
S and H is $$4.45 for one bottle, $ $6.75 for two

Garcia's Gourmet S-curve bottles - $19.95 each (3 lb bottles)

Balsamic Bread Dipper
Chile Infused Olive Oil
SunDried Tomato Infused Olive Oil
S and H is $6.45 for one, $9.35 for two, $15.95 for all three

California Spirits Pasta Sauce $5.95

One Merlot Artichoke Pasta Sauce
More than one
How Many?
S and H is $4.55 for one, $6.45 for two, $7.95 for three, $9.95

Cara Mia Trio - 6 oz marinated asparagus, 6 oz marinated Brussels sprout and 6.5 oz marinated artichoke hearts $7.95 (S and H is $6.35)

Artichoke Salsas

Chardonnay Gill's Artichoke Salsa
Hot Licks Artichoke Salsa
S and H is $4.55 for one, $6.45 for two

Carol Hall's Dessert Toppings $11.95 (2 lbs)

Mango with Orange Brandy
Ollalieberry with Cabernet
S and H is $4.95 for one, $7.65 for two

Email me the cost of my order. Please combine my selections to economize on the shipping cost.I may have other orders. Please consolidate them so I get the most economical shipping charge.

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(You can mail the order in with a check, if your prefer: Lazzerini Artichokes Highway One at Jensen Road, Moss Landing, CA 95039) - If you have questions call us at 831.722.0181

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