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Artichoke Fritata

From the Kitchen of the Sailors in Lompoc, California

 "Take about 15-20 baby artichokes

Peel off the outside leaves to where the leaves are tender and clean - after the first layer you can bend and brake the leaves about halfway on the leaf

Wash and towel dry before cutting

Cut the stem

Cut the top of the artichoke off at about one-fourth down.

Then slice lengthwise

In a frying pan ( non-stick frying pan) place about º cup of olive oil (enough to generously coat the bottom of the pan).

Place the chokes in the frying pan at low heat, simmer for about 10 ñ15 minutes with lid on, stirring often.

When the chokes are tender, add the egg mixture of 6 scrambled eggs.

Cook until the firtata is solid on the bottom, then using a plate to cover, turn the whole mixture over and cook the remaining mixture until all eggs are cooked.

Place on a plate and cut into slices just as if it were a pie.

Eat up all the good stuff."


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