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Lazzerini Family Favorite Recipe


3 lbs. baby artichokes, cleaned and cut in halves

1 large white or yellow onion, chopped

3 cloves garlic, minced

small amount of olive oil for sauteing

Dry italian seasoning

1 packet chicken bullion

salt and pepper

grated parmesan cheese

Fettucini , Linguini or Rigatoni, cooked

There is not much time for elaborate meal preparations for the Lazzerini Family. Ken is the artichoke grower. Sherri runs the family produce stand business, and she handles all the artichoke orders for Pelican. Plus, they have three active children. So their time is precious. But, the whole family loves artichokes.

This recipe has evolved from favorite ways to prepare artichokes from friends, relatives and neighbors, and now is perfect, claims Sherri. "It's easy, and still has that real special quality of a fancy gourmet dish."


Trim and half your baby artichokes.

Saute onion and garlic, add baby artichokes, italian seasoning, chicken bullion and a little dry white wine or water.

Simmer until all is tender.

Now toss in your cooked pasta and mix together until pasta is tossed well with all ingredients.

Add salt and pepper to taste and top with lotsa cheese!!


"Makes a great Sunday dinner with garlic bread and salad but remember if your family is like better double the recipe."

Sherri Lazzerini

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